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Poor fall September lotus simply leaves red, the brand new north wind push geese big date rain freeze

The latest sudden loss of brand new Empress Dowager, is even unforeseen

Queen Lu planned to repudiate his wife’s mission was not attained, the new scum of your world still need to feel along with her, the changing times are long.

The fresh ninth day’s the new ninth few days, chrysanthemum festival, this new festival three trip late, chrysanthemum 9 times of joy, fairy glass including bowl chrysanthemum, treasure as well as to alter the brand new orchid. About this date, the brand new Empress Dowager, accompanied by the fresh Emperor, brand new Empress in addition to Prince, mounted highest, enjoy chrysanthemums, don dogwood, eat chrysanthemum cake, a little happy.

In the evening, once bathing, the Empress Dowager considered firmness inside her boobs and faintness from inside the this lady lead, “Provide good divine pill.”

New castle housemaid delivered the brand new medication field towards the Empress Dowager, and something palace housemaid poured a cup hot water over. ”

“The new Taoist learn was an individual who possess achieved brand new Tao, he will understand everything you as he counts their hands, he’ll definitely return to refine the brand new divine tablets having Your own Majesty in advance of she ends up bringing the treatments.” The latest castle maid coaxed and you will certain.

The fresh new Empress Dowager beamed and you may nodded, place the pill in her own mouth, chewed it and you may sparkling it off having h2o. After dining the fresh new medicine, the new Empress Dowager freshened up and decided to go to sleep. Which evening, new Empress Dowager slept very privately, failed to wake-up, failed to require water to drink. Brand new castle housemaid who kept view did not thought a lot of they, it absolutely was uncommon to have a good sleep.

At the beginning of this new morning, in the hour regarding eight, the Empress Dowager nevertheless didn’t flow, the night time view housemaid thought that things is actually completely wrong, and you can carefully increased the fresh tent curtain, “Your Majesty, it’s time to get up.”

This new Empress Dowager place here motionless, the night see housemaid increased their sound, “Your Majesty, it’s time to awaken.”

The new Empress Dowager wanted the new pill field, “Take this 1, there are just several leftover, as well as the Taoist Grasp moved into clouds someplace?

The newest Empress Dowager nevertheless did not respond, the night time view maid’s center thumped, reached over to probe new Empress Dowager’s nostrils and you can let out a yell, “Ah!”

“The newest Empress, new Empress ……,” the castle housemaid on see looked at the crowd for the horror, “New Empress was prone.”

The newest Empress Dowager is actually His Majesty’s individual mom, mommy and you may son had an intense thread; the Empress passed away suddenly, Their Majesty was grief-afflicted, once interrogating the brand new palace maids, the guy discovered that the fresh Empress got bringing the divine pills one to Daoist Grasp Chong Xu got subdued on her behalf, Their Majesty got combined thinking, is actually this a death of her own and make?

Their Majesty handed the remainder two divine tablets on the legal court of one’s Purple Medical, “I need to know very well what this is.”

“We implore Their Majesty to give me some time.” The hospital court including got a stress, the newest Empress Dowager didn’t consume the brand new treatments recommended by the doctor, however, ran for eating some thing subtle by the Taoist priests and you will destroyed the lady existence.

Immediately after referring to the matter of your own tablets, Their Majesty ordered more operate be produced to recapture the newest demonic Daoist, Chong Xu.

New death of new Empress Dowager is actually a national mourning, together with whole resource is installed which have onyx, and you will tributes throughout the country was delivered to brand new financial support one-by-one. Their Majesty decreed: “Thirty-half a dozen times of mourning, officials of one’s money over the 3rd rating commonly go into the castle to help you weep for the Empress Dowager, the whole nation follows mourning for a few weeks, zero consuming, no marriage ceremonies, whenever there is a breach out-of decorum, they’ll be honestly penalized.”